Restoration project and returning two columns of Propylaea (polemaios) the sanctuary of Apollo at Claros, Turkey.

For more information confer: www.klaros.org

Collaboration with EGE UNIVERSITY, provisionally determined triennial, will run in 2013, from July 15 to September 30. A dozen candidates filed their application to various Turkish Consulates in Europe. It is expected that these visas can be renewed two or three times in the years to come.

The durations of stays Claros will be around two weeks to a full month. Candidates hold either the patent or patent professional master stonemason or sculptor. They will be supported for air travel and full board stay at Claros, in exchange, they volunteer work 5 days a week and they will produce a written summary of their experiences during the project.

Reconstruction with anastyloses of the temple of Léto, ( Letoon) in the Turkey, by stonemasons Masters of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Letoon was the sacred cult center of Lycia, its most important sanctuary, and was dedicated to the three national deities of Lycia – Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis. Leto was also worshiped as a family deity and as the guardian of the tomb. Letoon lies less than 10 km to the south of Xanthos on a fertile plain. Xanthos and Letoon are often seen as a “double-site”, since the two were closely linked and Letoon was administered by Xanthos. Xanthos-Letoon is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Turkey. For this reason, it has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Letoon has been under excavation since the 1950’s and since 1962 by the French Archaeological Mission, in conjunction with the excavations being carried out at Xanthos. Excavation goes on today – the team has done some excellent work and in recent years has begun to restore the Temple of Leto. Letoon is a romantic site and many of the monuments arise from standing water which provides lush vegetation.  Terrapins and frogs are usually seen.

Video  of the Letoon:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AP0LnVh8UU