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Inscriptions for the stone carving and masonry competition:

Next summer, the European Stone Festival will be one of several events celebrating the millennium of the founding of Strasbourg Cathedral.  The European Association of stonemasons and sculptors (EASMS) and the City of Strasbourg invite you to participate in this weekend of stone carving which will take place in the main Cathedral square.

* 120 apprentices and qualified carvers and stonemasons from across the continent are invited to demonstrate their skills over the course of the weekend. This year’s theme is: “The message of the builders in Romanesque art and the mysticism of the Rhineland; the wisdom in symbols and mysteries.” (We can also provide in the stonemasons who wish, appropriate size matters to the contest theme).

• To take part in the festival, please send an application letter and your resume / CV before February 21, 2015. Please include a sketch with dimensions and a description of your proposed work. (Recommended dimensions or negotiable: 300 x 300 x 250 mm). You will work Sandstone.

* If your application is accepted by the organizers, a registration fee of € 50 will be requested middle of end February 2015. (EASMS) = IBAN: FR76 1027 8015 1300 0201 6370 108 CMCI FR2A

The registration fee covers membership EASMS, dinner on 26/06, breakfast, lunch and dinner on 27/06, breakfast, lunch 28/06, water at meals and competition. Even, accommodation as in a usual gym hall near the Cathedral.

• Registration will be confirmed only after receipt of the registration fee.

The registration fee covers dinner 26/06, lunch and dinner on 27/06, 28/06 lunch, water during meals and the competition.

• We recommend individual reservation of hostel or hotel accommodation in early January.  It is possible to do this via the website of the Strasbourg tourist office (English language page):

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Kind regards,

Norbert Stoffel. President of EASMS. 3 rue des Bouchers. F. 67490 DETTWILLER.

[email protected]; [email protected];  Tel 00.33 (0) 672.36.59.56